You might be wondering what exactly wedding venue scouting is.

I don’t blame you, it’s a highly specialized service and I’m the only one in Costa Rica that offers it as a standalone service.

During my time in Costa Rica, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring more than a few of Costa Rica’s treasures. Whether you’re looking for a unique wedding location, a gorgeous backdrop for a surprise proposal, or a special setting for a photo shoot, we can help you find it. The venues in Costa Rica are limited and many aren’t advertised publicly so let our team help you track down the ideal spot for your event needs.

Utilizing a venue scouting service will save you the time and stress of finding the ideal venue for your wedding, event, or photo shoot. Work with someone who you can trust to find the right setting for your event whether it is on the beach, in front of a waterfall, has volcano views, or a traditional and rustic location.

It was hard to find information about wedding venues in Costa Rica online. Kirsten listened to our needs and found us several options that we loved. In fact, it was hard to decide but Kirsten answered all of our questions and helped us choose the right one.
— Brittany

What’s Included

Personalized wedding venue recommendations


A detailed report of each venue and the recommended location options for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception


Venue policies and rules including all costs and applicable fees


Assistance selecting the best date for your wedding based on dry & rainy season, Costa Rican & North American holidays, and your budget


Food and beverage menu pricing and policies



Overview of the town each venue is located in


Management of all communication with the venue coordinator throughout the entire process


Photos of the venue, examples of past weddings, including videos, if available.


Luxury, mid-range, and budget accommodations for your guests for each venue option


Venue contract review


My mom and I had been looking for venues for months, we even took a trip down to Costa Rica to look at them in person. We though we had found the one but when we requested the contract the coordinator disappeared for weeks and when she finally reappeared she let us know that she had given away our dates. We were defeated and almost decided not to get married in Costa Rica. The venue scouting service saved us because mentally I just couldn’t handle anymore of the frustration. I am so excited that we found our venue and I was able to send out the save the dates and start planning!
— Amanda

Together, we will:

Define your vision for the wedding venue

So you can stop wasting time online searching for venues that aren’t even close to what you are looking for!

Streamline the communication

You’ll be talking with me and only me! No more calls, emails, or texts to the venue coordinator!

Work around your schedule

When you plan is totally flexible. Everything is in your personal online workroom so that you can plan when you want - whether it is early in the morning, late at night, or on the weekend!

Discuss the best wedding venues (for you!)

Once you receive your personalized venue recommendations you get to evaluate what you like and don’t like about each and give feedback.

Go over all of your questions!

You’ll be able to ask any and all questions about the venue so that you have zero doubts when you sign the contract and put down the deposit.

Get advice related to your wedding date, the weather, and the town!

No question is silly, it’s what I’m here for! You’ll receive assistance with all sorts of aspects related to the wedding venue, your wedding date, hotel blocks, and the area that the venue is located in! You’ll come out feeling knowledgeable and confident!

Analyze the contract (well, I will, you don’t need to worry about a thing!)

Before you receive the contract I go through and review it for you to make sure there’s no unreasonable funny business in there.

All of this, plus one extra invaluable

Unlike other services, I am here to help you with anything related to the venue. You can reach out with questions whenever you need assistance!


Wedding Venue Scouting

The Process




Once you have paid you will receive a link within 24 hours to your online portal where you can sign the contract and fill out the questionnaire.



After I have reviewed your questionnaire, we will have a 30-60 minute phone call where we will discuss your wedding vision and venue criteria in detail.



After 2-3 weeks I will present a comprehensive customized report of my wedding venue recommendations. You and your fiancee get to review them and see what resonates with you!




After reviewing the report, you will send me your feedback and any questions you have. If you aren’t thrilled with any of the venues we will re-evaluate and go from there.



Once you are ready, I will request the contract and review it for you. I stay on to help you until the contract is signed and the deposit is paid!



Feel fantastic that you have chosen the best wedding venue for you and your group to celebrate your love.

+ Bonus +


+ The Tropical Code Preferred Vendor Guide

Get the lowdown on my favorite vendors throughout Costa Rica for everything including photographers, videographers, officiants, rental providers, florists, hair & makeup artists, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t like the venues in my proposal?

No worries. Your report will have 3-5 venue recommendations but sometimes they aren’t the right fit or maybe you feel like you want to go in a different direction. Or maybe you just need to see one or two more to feel comfortable making a decision. Once you sign up for the Wedding Venue Scouting service, you are supported throughout the entire venue scouting process. I help you until you are confident about the venue you want.

What if I want to hire a wedding planner?

Totally cool! You are welcome to hire whoever you would like for wedding planning. Once we have secured your venue I can send the contract to your wedding planner as well as your questionnaire responses so that they are up to date on everything we have covered so far so you don’t have to start from zero with them. If you want to go the DIY route then check out The Tropical Code Online Wedding Planning Course! You’ll learn all about how to plan your wedding while and the best part is that it is totally specialized for planning a wedding in Costa Rica!

Do you offer wedding planning?

Although I’m passionate about weddings and have years of event and wedding planning experience, I now only focus on wedding venue scouting and wedding planning education so that my couples can receive high-quality care and attention.